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Where and who receives the applications?
I. An application for issuance of an export and transfer licence and a licence for brokering services and transit of dual-use items, an application for issuance of a certificate for registration of export and transfer of dual-use items and brokering activities with them, an import registration certificate of dual-use items, and an application for dual-use items classification are submitted to the Ministry of Economy – Sofia, 4 Lege Str. Submitted documents are reviewed by experts of Internationally Controlled Trade and Security Directorate, Internationally Controlled Trade Department in room №3, ground floor.

Contact persons:
Internationally Controlled Trade Department

Head of Department:

Ilia Iliev, State Expert, tel. +359 2 940 76 36,
e-mail: Il.Iliev@mее.government.bg

Desislava Doicheva, Chief Expert, tel. +359 2 940 79 13,
e-mail: d.doicheva@mee.government.bg

Nadia Rogacheva, Chief Expert, tel. +359 2 940 76 77,
e-mail: n.rogatcheva@mее.government.bg

Maya Stoilova, State Expert, tel. +359 2 940 77 63,
e-mail: m.stoilova@mее.government.bg

ІІ. An application for issuance of an export, import, transfer, passage, transit, an participation in trade exhibition, and brokering transaction licence of defence-related products, a certificate for export, import and transfer of defence-related products are submitted in the registry for classified information - Sofia, 4 Lege Str., Ministry of Economy. The documents are accepted by Ms Elena Atanasova – tel. +359 2 9407851.

Contact persons:
Internationally Controlled Trade Department


Svetlin Stefanov, State Expert. tel. +359 2 9407786
e-mail: sv.stefanov@mi.government.bg

Yavor Hadzhiyski, Chief Expert, tel. +359 2 9407786,
e-mail: ya.hadzhiyski@mi.government.bg

ІІІ. Due fees payable under the Defence-Related Products and Dual-Use Items and Technologies Export Control Act

Fees shell be charged for considering activity authorisation, registration, licence and registration certificate, for extending the validity terms of issued licence or registration certificate, for amending or supplementing issued activity authorisation, for performed registrations and issued licence or registration certificate in amounts according to a tariff endorsed by the Council of Ministers ( Decree Com №138 of 02.07.2012, publ. in the Official Gazette, № 52 of 10.07.2012).

The Fees under the Defence-Related Product and Dual-Use Items and Technologies Export Control Act are transmitted via bank transfer to the account of the Ministry of Economy:

BNB – Head Office


IBAN: BG79BNBG9661 3000 1026 01


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