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What is necessary for import?
What is necessary for import?

The import of dual-use items is registered by the Minister of Economy and an import certificate is issued.
To import dual-use items and technologies it is not obligatory to be registered under the provisions of the Trade Register.

Dual-use items and technologies that are registered at import are listed in the List of dual-use items and technologies subject to control at import - Decree (CoM) No. 216 of 25.07.2014.
The import will be registered within 7 days. The import certificate is valid for 1 year and it may be extended once for the period of 6 months.

The documents required to be submitted to the Ministry of Economy for issuing of the import certificate are as follows:
1. five copies of completed form of a certificate – Form No. 47;
2. a copy of a document, certifying the eligibility of the participants in the transaction to carry out the respective activities;
3. a copy of a document, certifying the foreign trade relations (contract, pro-forma invoice, invoice);
4. a form of a declaration - Form No. 48 by the end user that the imported items and technologies will not be re-exported or assigned to third parties (individuals and/or legal persons) without having the authorization of the Bulgarian competent authorities and will be used in compliance with the effective Bulgarian laws, and whereby the end user undertakes to notify the Minister of Economy in writing within 5 working days prior to any subsequent change in the end user of the dual-use items on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria; every next end user shall complete Form No. 48;
5. a copy of a document by the manufacturer of the dual-use item, certifying its technical performance, functional purpose, quality and quantity composition;
6. a proof for paid state fee – cf. Charge rates collected under the Defense-Related Products and Dual-Use Items and Technologies Export Control Act.

In case that according to the national laws of the country the document under p. 2 is not issued, submit to the Interministerial Commission a written statement by the exporter and a certified Bulgarian translation for this effect.

According to Art. 49 of the Regulation of implementation of the Defence-Related Products and Dual-Use Items and Technologies Export Control Act the all required documents in a foreign language shall be submitted to the competent authorities by a certified Bulgarian translation.

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