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Which item can be defined as defence related product?
Classification of defence-related products

The export control of defence-related products covers all military firearms and ammunition, bombs, torpedoes, rockets, missiles, fire control, and related alerting and warning equipment, military ground vehicles and components, chemical or biological toxic agents, radioactive materials for military purposes or used for riot control purposes, explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics and other substances, military vessels and aircraft, special electronic equipment, high velocity kinetic energy weapon systems and related equipment, armor or protective equipment and simulators for military training, imaging or countermeasure equipment, diving equipment, technical databases and other technical a means for military purposes, means of production of weapons, directed energy weapon systems, cryogenic and ‘superconductive’ equipment, software, any technical support - repair, modification and modernization of weapons.

What is required under the Defence-related products and Dual-Use Items and Technologies Export Control Act to carry out defence-related products activities.

These requirements are only applicable with regard to the defence-related products, included in the List of Defence-related products (in Bulgarian language). When it is difficult to decide whether or not an item is a defence-related product or a dual-use item, because its basic technical parameters are not enough to make a clear distinction, then what is important is whether such item is especially designed for military use. In case that the manufacturer of the item has given information that it is especially designed for military use, then it may be defined as a defence-related product.

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